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Flats Fishing Trips

Flats Fishing Trips

As the summer cools and fall moves in, fishing in Florida bay is at its best. Tarpon, bonefish, and permit are numerous. When the water temperature starts to lower, bonefish make a huge comeback and are found virtually everywhere on the flats. Each season throughout the year offers opportunities for anglers to catch an array of species while fly fishing on the flats of Florida bay. This is why fishing the flats in Florida has become popular for sport fishing. With light tackle and a small skiff, anglers will have access to hundreds of flats that attract these fish year round. Fly fishing on the flats continues to grow in popularity as the Florida Keys attract more and more fly fishers each year.

During Florida's hot summer months, fly fishing on the flats is extremely popular. Anglers in search of bonefish will find this species in abundance in between the cold fronts. These fish will feed on the flats during the day, offering great opportunities for fly fishers to catch many of these fish. Fly fishing for bonefish on the oceanside flats, as well as backcountry areas, can be a unique and rewarding experience. During those hot summer days, permits will be populous and easily caught. These fish feed on the flats and are found during the hottest parts of the day.

Flats fishing in the Florida Keys is a year round experience for all anglers from beginner to advanced. The most commonly sought after fish in the flats of Florida is snook and bonefish. The months of May and June bring high numbers of anglers in search of this species. Tarpon is most popular during the warm weather fronts. When a cold front moves in, the population of these fish diminishes, but other species become more populated. Cold water attracts the Redfin Needlefish. These fish are the favorite food of larger predators. When the cold water brings in the needlefish, they are followed by mackerel and barracuda. Sharks will even enter the flats to feed on these larger fish, and catching a Blacktip, Hammer, or Tiger shark on the fly can occur even in these shallow waters.

When searching for the perfect flat to fish off, try to locate the ones that are less than eight feet deep. These shallow waters attract various fish. Flats that consist of stumps and grass beds are promising. When looking to fish for bass, it is best to locate flats that have shallow sand ditches. Watching the tide will be helpful in locating prime fishing flats. When the tide comes in, many game fish will come along to feed. Low tide may be one of the better times to catch crabs. The key here is to not wait until the tide is completely out. Many of these flats in the Florida Keys will go dry during low tide.

When seeking to catch redfish, bonefish, or snook, flats fishing is the way to go. Fishing on the shallow flats of Florida provides the perfect chance to reel in some of these unique species. Ideally, flats provide the best areas for fly fishing. During an outing on one of the many flats in Florida, anglers will come across an array of fish found only in these waters. Flats are found in bays and marshes and are stretches of flat sandy areas next to the deeper waters of the Atlantic. Many times, these flats are made of grass, rock, and gravel. Some flats, especially those within marshes, are composed of grass and vegetation. It is here that anglers have a great opportunity to find shrimp and crabs. The most commonly sought after fish for anglers fishing on the flats are seatrout, tarpon, permit, bluefish, striped bass, and shark.

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