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Everglades Fishing Trips

Everglades Fishing Trips

Fishing in Everglades National Park is like no other place in the world, it has a vast variety of species of fish. With fresh water flowing into salt water it provides the perfect backdrop for anglers who like to catch a variety of game fish such as snook,redfish, trout and tarpon. Everglades backcountry fishing is a favorite among anglers all over the world, this area provides for some of the best snook, redfish, and tarpon fishing in the south Florida area. Salt water trout, sharks and mangrove snapper can also be caught in this area. Flats fishing in Florida Bay is a must to most anglers visiting south Florida.

While Flats fishing this area you will encounter an echo system like no other, the mangroves and winding creeks that run thru the flats of Florida Bay, a variety of bird and plant life as well as alligators and crocodiles make the fishing trip a lasting experience. When fishing the flats in the everglades national park it is always a good idea to bring your camera along while fishing to capture some of the world’s most pristine shorelines.

Whether its tarpon fishing, snook fishing, or reeling in that redfish the everglades offers it all for the inshore angler. The Everglades can be fished year round, for different species of fish depending on the season and time of year. The area of the park that we target for fishing is called Flamingo; here you will find an anglers paradise for flats and backcountry fishing in Flamingo, part of the everglades national park.

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We also recommend an Everglades Airboat Ride while you're in the area. The trip is a blast!

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